About Us

Will Bunker

An accomplished entreprenuer and investor, Will Bunker co-founded One-and-Only.com in late 1995. He and his partners grew the company into the largest online dating site and eventually sold the firm to TicketMaster-City Search for $45 million in June of 1999. Soon after, the company was rebranded as Match.com.

Mr. Bunker has a passion for working with early stage entrepreneurs, helping their firms grow and working towards an exit with the highest possible valuation. A long time resident of the Silicon Valley, where he lives with his wife and two teenage children, Will serves on the screening committee of the Band of Angels, (www.bandangles.com) the oldest funding organization in the Valley. He also serves as a member of the Silicon Valley Founders Institute (www.fico.com). The Founders Institute is a global launch network that helps entrepreneurs create meaningful and enduring technology companies.

Russell Lewis

Russell Lewis

A native of South Africa, Mr. Lewis brings more than 25 years of international business experience and entreprenuership to the Silicon Valley Growth Syndicate. In 1988,  Mr. Lewis founded Rhino Linings USA, which he has built into a globally recognized brand with offices in more than 80 countries.

As an owner and investor of early stage companies, Mr Lewis has been highly successful. His investment Searchrev was sold to AkQ and Top Local Search (TLS) was sold to Conario.

Among his other business activities, Mr. Lewis also founded International Chemical Industries, Inc. and ArcoMatrix, Inc. He serves as a Director on the boards of Tungsten Heavy Powder and Carbite Golf. He serves as Advisor at Fallbrook Technologies and a member of the Entrepreneurial Management Center at San Diego State University.

LW McNutt

Lee W. McNutt

Mr. McNutt has a proven track record in growing the top line sales of small to mid size ventures.  Lee has made 81 tech startup investments, 65 of which were through the SVG Fund One.  An experienced sell side advisor, Mr. McNutt consults early in the process with our portfolio companies to assure the company grows in a way that gives the highest possible valuation upon exit.

Other strengths include expanding brands across countries and cultures via international expansion, alliance building, and fundraising. In SVG Fund One, Lee brought forward some of the best performing investments including Modern Message, beGlammed, BuildFire, Upswing, and Gamma2Robotics.  He enjoys learning a great deal from his two partners, Mr. Will Bunker and Mr. Russell Lewis.

Lee is well-versed in international markets. He has led 53 United States Trade Missions for Internet and Direct Marketing to Europe, U.K., Asia, South America & Mexico. He is also an expert in direct marketing and has consulted with Lands’ End, LL Bean, American Bankers Insurance Group, AT&T, Cabela’s, Canada Post, Deutsche Post Global Mail, Hammacher Schlemmer, and over 50 other firms worldwide.

Ronald L. Ramseyer

Mr. Ramseyer had held a number of senior executive positions that are directly relevant to the growth of the current and future Silicon Valley Growth Syndicates portfolio companies, these include:

* The Founding President and CEO of Macy’s Direct, Federated Department Stores
* President, Bass Pro Shops (responsible for advertising, merchandising, direct marketing, and wholesale operations)
* EVP and Chief Marketing Officer for Casual Male Retail Group
* SVP- Talbot’s (responsible for store expansion, credit / loyalty marketing, direct marketing and internet sales)
* Blair Corporation- Board of Directors and various committees
* Sears Corporate- Executives positions in buying, marketing and advertising

Mr Ramseyer focuses on cross-company business development and entry strategies for new sales channels, as well as new ways to improve merchandising and grow top line sales. From time to time, depending on the industry sector of the investment target, he serves on the investment committee of Silicon Valley Growth.

James W. Denison, III

Mr. Denison has held executives positions in a number of high profile technology companies including CISCO-Linksys, Motorola, Nortel and Energy Transitions. He has assisted emerging technology companies in Alternative Energy and the Cleantech arena.

A Purdue Engineer, he is actively involved in raising equity for profitable rapidly growing companies, business brokerage, and providing merger and acquisition services. When Silicon Valley Growth’s initial, smaller investments prove successful, he is well positioned to help recruit additional investors to complete an Angel Round.