Silicon Valley Growth Syndicate Announces Investment in Petbrosia



San Francisco, CA: The Silicon Valley Growth Syndicate (SVG), a limited partnership fund investing in tech-enabled, disruptive, early-stage companies announces an investment in Petbrosia, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Petbrosia is an innovation in pet health, which utilizes technology to deliver a breakthrough product and service to better meet consumers’ increasing desires to do the best for their pets. Feeding pets to their ideal body condition leads to a longer and higher quality of life. Petbrosia is a new-to-the-world technology and service that allows pet diets to be custom designed for individual pets.


“One of the cornerstones in our investment thesis at SVG is to uncover powerful trends and invest in companies poised to benefit from those trends,” said SVG Co-Founder Lee McNutt. According to a USA Today analysis of census data, for the first time, there are more U.S. households with a dog than with a child.


Bob Vetere, chief executive of the American Pet Products Association said, “people are pampering their pets more than ever, and businesses are offering new products and services to meet their needs and wants.” Americans spent a record $55.7 billion on their pets last year, a 4.5% increase over 2012, and spending is expected to increase to $58.5 billion this year.


“Americans shelled out $21.6 billion on food for their pets in 2013, up $1 billion from 2012,” said Will Bunker, SVG Co-Founder. “We are impressed with the founder, Keith Johnson,” Bunker continued, “This University of Chicago MBA has a terrific marketing, finance, e commerce, and technical background.”


Based on an in-depth questionnaire, Petbrosia mixes nutritionally balanced pet food tied to a pet’s specific needs. Founder of Petbrosia, Keith Johnson stated, “You want to do what’s best for your pet. With nutrition designed to ideal body conditions, your pet can have a higher quality and potentially longer life.”


SVG is an investor partnership providing early-stage capital to entrepreneurs with developed business plans, complete products and most importantly, revenue derived from the market place. Investments are focused in the areas of expertise that include: Consumer E Commerce, SaaS enterprise, mobile, social, transactions / commerce business, subscription models, niche markets, lead generation business, dating, business to business solutions, and cross-border opportunities.




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