Letter from Portfolio Company Hint Health


Lee W. McNutt
Silicon Valley Growth Syndicate
San Francisco, California
May 10, 2018

Dear Lee

Quick note to say thanks for believing in us back in 2014 when you and your partners Will Bunker and Russell Lewis, and your Silicon Valley Growth fund first invested in us.
You saw things in us other investors did not see.

You invested at a valuation of $4 Million. Our current Series A round is at a pre-money valuation of $12.5 Million.

Also, I wanted to write and thank you, Lee, personally for helping us raise $550 K for us in our recent Series A round. And, I also appreciated your help with getting AXA Strategic Ventures as our lead investor and the back channels you did on that front. Having them as a lead investor is important.

We are excited to move to the next phase as we continue to disrupt healthcare’s insurance led status quo.


Zak Holdsworth
Co- Founder
San Francisco, California