Letter from John Hinckley, CEO of Portfolio Company Modern Message

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Dear LW,

Thank you for investing in us over 4 years ago, in June of 2014. And, thank you for convincing your co-founders at SVG, Will Bunker and Russell Lewis to have confidence in us when we only had a few hundred B2B customers. Today we have over 3,500 customers using our platform!

Your SVG investment in June of 2014, and follow on investment later that year, at a valuation of $3m came at an important time for us. Our current post money valuation is $28.25m, so I know your LP’s must be very pleased.

It was of great value that you uncovered AXA Venture Partners and introduced them to us. They led our A round and were the largest investors into our A1 round. You are great at connecting the dots for us to many valuable people.

Finally, we appreciate your hard work in raising $400,000 of follow-on investment from your investor partners at the Silicon Valley Growth Syndicate. The next phrase of our growth is exciting.

Thank you again for being a true value added investor who identified us and believed in us early in our history.

John Hinckley

Cofounder & CEO