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Great companies are born every day; especially in the Silicon Valley, the world’s most prolific, unique, and un-replicable business ecosystem.

According to Barron’s Magazine, one-third of the largest 100 companies on the 2010 Forbes 500 list did not exist in 2000. The greatest number of these companies were conceived, incubated or financed in the Silicon Valley in some form or fashion.

The Kaufman Foundation studied 539 Angel investors with 1,137 exits. The average return for a portfolio of early stage investments was found to be 2.6 times your initial investment with an average hold period of 3 1/2 years.

Our Silicon Valley Growth partnership benefits from falling startup costs, multiple distribution platforms with 100M plus users (iOS, Android, Facebook, Google, Twitter), increasingly smaller exits, M&A market changes, and the proliferation of seeds funds and incubators. We fill a gap in the market between the incubators and seed investors and Venture Capitalists.

We invest only in early stage companies with revenue, but the opportunity comes in many flavors. The glamorized popular Silicon Valley path is portrayed by the 2009 book “The Accidental Billionaires,” and the 2010 film “The Social Network,” leaves many blind spots in its wake.  These blind spots create deep opportunity for our Silicon Valley Growth Syndicate.

The cost to start and grow a new tech enabled venture never been less expensive. It is no longer necessary to build a large facilities to gain an interesting, valuable and sale-able market share. Stories of the internet dislodging established monopolies are as legion as the possibilities of the medium itself.

At Silicon Valley Growth Ventures, we embraced the best practices identified by the Kaufman report including 1) Due diligence times  2) Your experience in the start-up industry  3) Mentoring, and coaching to create greater returns.

The uniqueness of the Silicon Valley Ecosystem cannot be underestimated. Some of its qualities include:
  • A unique business culture that draws the best and brightest young entrepreneurial minds that value risk over stability, openness over hierarchy, innovation over the tried and true
  • The best educated portion of the United States, with 41% of the population having a bachelor’s degree vs the American national average of 27.9
  • The collaborative synergy of highly educated people from all over the world, suppliers, lead producers, world class universities, competitors and stakeholders producing goods and services of economic value to consumers and business
  • Innovation at its best. Companies holding leadership roles constantly change over time, but the function of ecosystem leader is valued by the community because it enables members to move toward shared visions to align their investments, and to find mutually supportive roles. To learn more please e mail us at or telephone  Will Bunker at our headquarters in Silicon Valley Phone:  1 (650) 542-7725