The Silicon Valley Growth Partnership is seeking qualified accredited investors including high net worth individuals, family offices and funds.

According to the Kaufman Foundation, the expected return from the asset class in which we invest is 2.6  times invested capital over 3.5 years.  Using our “lean forward” investment model, our partnership is uniquely suited by experience, location and contacts to achieve these returns.

The partnership offers three benefits not available from many private equity funds.

  1. Partnership investors have the choice to co-invest additional funds into any angel round lead by the partnership, should the LP desire more than their pro rata share of any investment opportunity.
  2. New investors purchase their pro rata ownership interest in the many companies where investments have already been made.
  3. Compensation is given whenever an LP brings forward an opportunity where the Silicon Valley Syndicate makes an investment of $50,000 or more.

Investments are available in units of $50,000, with a minimum investment of four.

For more information please telephone our HQ in Silicon Valley: Phone:  1 (650) 542-7725