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Revenue Model: Delivery high end food within 20 minutes of order
Sprig was co-founded by Gagan Biyani, who had been on the founding team of online education startup Udemy, and had also worked as an advisor to Lyft during its expansion into the Los Angeles market.  They have been rapidly ramping and delivered over 1,200 meals a week within first 5 weeks.

Sprig provides healthy food on-demand. Anytime you are hungry, you can order a locally-sourced, healthy dinner option directly from your smartphone. It is as easy as calling an Uber, and meals are $10. Once you order, it takes 20 minutes to get to your door. All meals are cooked by Executive Chef Nate Keller, who was an executive chef at Google, where he grew the culinary program from 400 to 40,000 employees.

The average customer ordered 2.8 times in their first 4 weeks. It is in the App Store as “Sprig: Dinner on Demand”.

This is what makes Sprig unique:

1) Real-time. Customers order and get their food within 20 minutes on average.
2) Hot without degrading quality. We spent 6 months on operations and culinary research to figure out how to keep the food quality high even through the delivery process.
3) The food. Restaurant food is unhealthy, especially delivery. It’s full of salt, butter and oil. Our food is seasonal, local and good for you.


BuzzStarter - Platform for Brands to Run Viral Contests

Revenue Model: Paid per campaign or monthly brand budget.
BuzzStarter provides a platform for  running successful viral campaigns based on shared photo and video content. Brands use the platform to introduce new products, unleash promotions and generally drive more revenue.  Current clients/brands include Dove, Axe, Degree, Kroger, IDG, Lionsgate, Unruly Media, Visa, CBS, Sears, Microsoft.  Within five months of launching, BuzzStarter had generated more than $500K in revenue. Silicon Valley Growth Syndicate recently helped the company raise $1 million.


Borrow My Doggy

Revenue Model: Annual subscription for dog owners.
This social network connects dog owners to people who love pets but can’t have them full time. They started in the U.K and have thousands of happy customers. They went through SeedCamp in London and will be expanding to the U.S. later this year.



Revenue Model: Monthly subscription for custom pet food.
Pet nutrition is often too generalized. Many brands believe a “one-size-fits-all” approach can address the health concerns of most pets. This isn’t enough. Owners need diets that are designed for their unique pet’s health needs. Naturally, owners want to do the best then can for our dogs and cats. But picking the right diet for your special pet shouldn’t be hard. At Petbrosia, they walk the owner through a simple questionnaire that allow Petbrosia to send the owner a monthly shipment of food that matches their needs.  They have over 1,000 customers and have just finished raising the initial seed round of $500K to ramp up customer acquisition.

Modern Message

Modern Message Screen Shot

Revenue Model: Subscription service for apartment complex management.
Modern Message provides a platform for apartment management to engage their residents to post positive images and reviews about the complex. It doesn’t matter what the companies says about itself, people listen to what the residents say about the experience. They are already working with 10 of the top 200 apartment management companies and rolling out across the country.


2RedBeans - Chinese Expatriate Dating Site

Revenue Model:Selling services to consumers/subscription model.
2REDBEANS is dating site for Chinese living outside of China.  The company serves Chinese expatriates living in virtually every country in the world. With Co-Founder Will Bunker’s experience with Match.com, almost every new dating sites seeks our investment advice and counsel. We decline to invest in many dating opportunities, but are very bullish on 2REDBEANS.  What we like most about this opportunity is the founder Q Zhao.  She is a savvy technologist who also understands marketing. Initially self-funded, the firm reached critical mass in its first market in San Francisco.


Soci Screen Shot

Revenue Model: Monthly subscription for managing social media.
Soci is a white label service for agencies and service providers to manager their customer’s social media. It has a suite of tools that make sourcing ideas and creating relevant content cost effective for the provider.


Bourbon&Boots - Southern Products with an attitude

Revenue Model: Selling unique consumer products
Unique consumer products and valuable content come together in this B2C site that pays homage to the new American south. Creative content from recognized bloggers drives a steady stream of new prospects, which are converted to customers with hard to find products from jewelry to apparel,from glassware to leather goods. In the fall of 2013 the company raised money at a valuation six times above our investment cost. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, the company received an additional investment of $300,000 from the state’s investment fund.


Revenue Model: SaaS subscription model
Converting prospects to customers is an ongoing challenge for all companies large and small.   NextUser is a conversation and engagement optimization platform that improves a company’s ability to convert prospects to customers, retain them and then eventually upsell them or turn them into repeat buyers. The product uses a sophisticated workflow engine for modeling messaging and distributes communication via email, text or in-page vehicles. The company is founded by Matthieu Dejardins, a global entrepreneur specialized in e-Commerce, worked in 5 different countries for Fortune 500 (DELL, Seagate, Sanofi, Amex), High Tech SMBs & start-ups.


SnapUp Home Page

Revenue Model: percent of purchases on the system.
This company has one goal, to help consumers shop smartly. Today, customers demand an increased amount of information prior to purchasing and WishPlz provides it.  The service allows you to bookmark any product on any website and be notified when the price drops or when it becomes available. Dan Cheung , Eric Goldberg (an early engineer at StumbledUpon) and George Revutsky are the three founders.  They have deep experience in machine learning and online marketing.

View Market


Revenue Model: 
VIEWMARKET IS A VIDEO CONTENT NETWORK. Our dual mission is to help video content creators monetize and build their influence while helping brands, retailers and advertisers connect with their customers. They have content distribution agreements with local television stations and provide a way for content providers to monetize at a higher rate.

Love With Food

Love With Food

Revenue Model: 
Unique company that helps you find a fun and easy way to snack smart and do good.
Discover: Love With Food helps you discover new all-natural or organic snacks you will love. Each month, Love With Food members receive a curated box of unique, hard-to-find, snacks delivered to their doors. Subscription memberships start as low as $10/month, and make a great gift too.
Feel Good: For every box you get, you are also donating a meal to food banks such as the Feeding America Network or Share Our Strength – No Kid Hungry. Join us to help end child hunger one meal at a time!
Buy: Review the snacks you try each month and earn points. Buy more of what your love from our shop or redeem them with your points.


DishCrawl - Local Foodie Events

Revenue Model: Selling Event Tickets to Consumers and sponsorships to global brands like Diageo and Heineken.
This rapidly expanding dinning and event company has trained “Ambassadors”  in more than 40 American cities and 14 Canadian communities. In early 2014, the company will launch in the UK. The firm’s major offering, also called DishCrawl, is a progressive dinner experience during which 20 to 45 “foodies,” led by the city Ambassador, dine in four restaurants within a walkable distance. Each restaurant features a small trio of surprises from the chef. Menus may include a variety of cuisines with wine pairings arranged to suit your needs. Participating restaurants have found Dishcrawl a great way to create awareness and drive new business. The company is a full example of all three stages of our “lean In” Investing formula. In the summer of 2013, we led an an investment round of more than$1 million dollars for DishCrawl.



Revenue Model: Upswing allows Colleges and Universities to expand their on campus tutor / learning facilities to the online world.
SaaS model, plus some revenue from providing overflow tutors during peak hours. Improves student retention rates at community colleges by offering online academic coaching. Provides students with the ability to select coaches/tutors based upon various criteria including quality, subjects, and previous experiences with the students. One of our investor partners, Jimmy Webb, introduced us to this opportunity when it was based in Nashville, Tennessee. SVG’s only investment from the Dallas Tech Wildcatters class of 2013.



Revenue Model: A monthly subscription business model. Another exciting company started in a Stanford dorm room.
Allows any company to track their vehicle fleets in real time with Uber-like efficiency using a simple ppp installed in the driver’s smartphone. The App is available on Android and iOS, and lets drivers focus on their immediate assignment. Jobs get pushed automatically and customer communication is seamless.

Shop Like A Man


Revenue Model: Retail Sales / Direct Shopping. Unique, custom-shopping service for men who hate shopping.
Clothes are shipped to home, and users try on any item from any brand in multiple sizes, free of charge. This investment, in October of 2014 enjoyed an average order value per customer that was very high.

Product Hunt


Revenue Model: Advertising and Sponsorship Model. Daily discovery and discussion of newly launched products worldwide.
Unique community-curated platform gives creators the attention they deserve. Daily “must read” in Silicon Valley. They were incubated at Tradecraft, where Will Bunker teaches. SVG saw the potential early, and was the first outside investor.