Investment Preferences


“We learn as much from an initial $10,000 to $15,000 investment as others learn from investing ten times as much.” — Russell Lewis, Co-Founder Silicon Valley Growth

Business Models We Like

* Tech-enabled businesses

  • Business models we can expand across countries and cultures, making use of our global expertise
  • Transaction / commerce businesses
  • Subscription businesses
  • Smaller niche markets
  • Lead generations businesses

Qualities We Seek

  • Companies that are comfortable with a direct marketing model. These firms tend to be more sophisticated when it comes to testing and proving marketing and sales success
  • Coachable founders and management teams
  • Passion around customer problems and solving them
  • Customer expertise, domain expertise, skill set expertise
  • Good design, multiple channels of distribution, and solid metrics

What We Avoid

  • Investing in companies that rely on long sale cycles/enterprise sales to corporations and government
  • Investing in functional prototypes that have not withstood the scrutiny of the marketplace
  • Having our investment used to finish out software or systems
  • Overcrowded ideas including many mobile Apps and social photography ideas
  • Entrepreneurs who want to be famous
  • Founders who focus solely on product features and do not consider sales and marketing issues
  • Funding large monthly burn rates
  • Investing to get to the next investment round